By utilising its connections with the elite rugby world, specialist legal charitable administration and sound tax advice, the foundation aims to provide a vehicle for businesses and individuals to enjoy unique first class experiences, hospitality and events in a cost and tax effective way.

take advantage of this unique vehicle:

1. City Rugby Foundation Annual Donation
Businesses can commit to an annual donation to the City Rugby Foundation in return for selected access (depending on donation) to City Rugby Foundation events (public or internal), ambassadors, hospitality and teams.

The City Rugby Foundation will effectively support business development and client relationships by organising, procuring, inviting and hosting events and hospitality for businesses in our name. Businesses can either adopt us as a charity or the excess proceeds from the donation can be in turn donated back to the companies chosen good causes. The donation is also VAT exempt.

The City Rugby Foundation also looks to obtain donations in respect of gifts and stock donations from companies to aid with events - again these are tax deductible.

2. City Rugby Foundation Annual Sponsorship
Businesses can commit to an annual sponsorship donation to the CityRF in return for selected access, branding and exposure (depending on donation) at CRF events (public or internal), CRF hospitality and on CRF teams.

Charitable sponsorship is a tax effective way of enjoying the benefits of being involved with CRF, promoting you company and at the same time claiming the cost as a pre-profit business expense. Businesses will enjoy exposure to the cities elite ABC demographic and access to a high level and varied network.

3. City Rugby Foundation Events - Hospitality and/or Sponsorship
The City Rugby Foundation will hold a variety of events during the year varying from networking drinks, sporting lunches and City Rugby Foundation labelled sporting events. Businesses can attend by making a suggested donation in conjunction with a cost only ticket purchase.

Making these events the best value hospitality in the city - limiting the effect on your marketing and entertaining budgets. If businesses would like more profile, they can sponsor the event and get access to databases, promote their products and services.

The City Rugby Fiundation: Corporate Solutions

4. Corporate Hospitality
The City Rugby Foundation has strong connections with sports clubs, sports bodies and hospitality providers. The foundation can procure popular and exciting hospitality products and services and invite you and your clients to fund raising events.

This can be done by charitable donations to the foundation and/or a combination of donations and cost only rates.

Again, this makes the increasingly expensive hospitality offerings more affordable, and can be included in charitable or CSR expenditure.

It is up to the business how discreet the offering needs to be with the experience being completely CRF branded or with company promotion. This is a great way to socialise and develop your client relationships at a neutral event.

5. City Rugby Foundation Teams and Challenges
The City Rugby Foundation is looking to organise a schedule of events in which City Rugby Foundation named teams play or participate.

The teams will be predominantly ex professional and rugby legends and will be associated with a fund-raising event or opportunity.

The teams will need sponsoring and funding, as before this can be done as tax effectively or as highly branded as the business requires.